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Emergency Electrical

Services In Colchester and Essex

When an electrical emergency occurs in your house or commercial business, it rarely happens at a convenient time. Luckily for residents of Colchester and surrounding areas, you’re covered by Alkag Electrical Ltd, who have a team of emergency electricians standing by when you need them most.

Should I call an emergency electrician?

If you’re asking yourself this question, then the answer is probably yes. Electricity is very dangerous, so if you’re concerned about your electricity supply, it’s likely that you require the attention of a trained professional emergency electrician.

Call  07513654791 for friendly expert advice

Here are some of the more common reasons our team of emergency electricians get called out.

Sparks, smoke, or flames around an electrical socket

If you’re seeing flames or sparks around your electrical socket, then call the fire brigade. If you spot discoloured, hot to touch and a burning or fishy smell from the sockets, then call an emergency electrician. Unintended electrical devices that are overheating can eventually lead to a house fire.

Exposed Wires

When your see exposed wires or electrical sockets, be sure to call out an emergency electrician. All it takes is one touch of the exposed wiring to deliver a powerful electric shock which can result in burns, heart and nerve damage, and even death. Don’t put yourself or your family at risk: call an emergency electrician in Colchester immediately.

Direct Contact With Water

Water and electricity don’t mix. If you’ve experienced flooding, a burst water pipe, or some similar issue, it is essential that you call an emergency electrician to make it safe.

In 2018 there was 1380 fatalities and injuries caused by electrical fires

Average of 27 a week and 4 a day

It's better to be SAFE than SORRY, protect your family and your home!

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