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LED lighting for both commercial and industrial clients

Whatever your property, ALKAG ELECTRICAL LTD can help you choose an LED lighting system that will save you money on your energy bills. LED lighting is also great as it will disperse light across your room/s, opposed to being one single main light in the centre which tends to leave certain areas dull. LED lighting also last more than 5 times longer compared to a standard, traditional lighting.

Why Install LED Lighting?
Alkag Electrical Ltd professional services can save your domestic, commercial or industrial business money and energy with by installing LED lighting. Typically producing a net gain after 6 – 18 months, your business will see benefits straight away after using our installation service. As a Colchester based electrical installation company we are able to provide our services across the United Kingdom. With a long list of satisfied customers from organisations in Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk you can rely on our experienced LED lighting installers. Not only do we prioritise your domestic, commercial or industrial needs, Alkag Ltd can offer advice when it comes to choosing the best LED lighting. Colchester based electrical service and give guidance on the different styles available. Our team always on hand if you have any questions, contact us.
Stylish & Versatile

Sometimes it seems like a challenge to choose between practical and stylish lighting, but this isn’t a problem when it comes to LEDs. Due to the compact nature of LED lights, there is a lot of room for flexibility when designing your perfect fittings. LED lights can offer effective lighting for offices as well as spotlights for showrooms. At Alkag Electrical Ltd, an LED lighting installer can supply both! LED lights offer a kind of flexibility that their fluorescent and incandescent counterparts simply cannot and this means more options for you. A LED lighting installer will provide all the information you need about new LED lighting Colchester based options. 

How much can  LED save me?

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When it comes to commercial or residential lighting, Alkag Electrical Ltd Contractors are masters in their field. We supply all types of residential or commercial lighting from kitchen LED lights to outdoor garden lights as well as emergency lights, security lights to energy saving LED office lights, we’re highly qualified electricians, Approved and Part P Certified and can work with you on-site at a time that suits you. If you need advice on commercial or residential lighting please call us for a quote where we will be happy to help!

• Garden Lighting
• Kitchen and Bathroom Lighting
• Hallway Lighting
• Display Lighting
• Shop Lighting
• Car Showroom Lighting
• School Lighting
• Energy Efficient Lighting
• Emergency Lighting
• Residential and Commercial Lighting

ALKAG LTD have extensive experience in working with:

County Councils, commercial building owners, apartment complexes
Retail & Multi outlet sectors
Food and Beverage Industries
Pharmaceuticals & IT manufacturers
Agri & Petroleum sectors
ESCo’s, providing bolt on services in solutions their clients’ lighting estate for energy efficiency & operational maintenance savings
Utility companies/Electrical wholesaler groups

Contact us today about your project and how you can make revenue savings by upgrading with us.

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